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Work With Us


Interested in working for Macpherson Energy? Please contact our HR department at


Employment Application

Current Openings

No opening available right now but stay connected for updates on when new openings come up.



Analyze technical data and develop new methods to enhance oil and gas recovery. Use software tools to analyze well test data and recommend methods to improve existing oil production. Work with computer simulation models to evaluate impact of reservoir heterogeneity on oil recovery. Work with reservoir mapping software IHS Kingdom for geologic interpretation, volumetric analysis, and development planning purposes. Monitor the performance of the oilfield through the use of Surveillance System Software like Oil Field Manager. Develop new methods for rapid evaluation of well production data and selection of candidate wells for re-stimulation. Perform pressure transient analysis and interpretation of interference tests which are key aspects in understanding the dynamics of oil and gas fields. Generate and examine maps of subsurface oil and gas reservoir locations to recommend placement of wells and design a development plan for maximizing oil and gas recovery. Forecast the production of oil and gas and estimate reserves using reserves and economic evaluation software PHDWin. Work closely with the production and facilities team and provide them with reliable production forecasts which help them design facilities to treat produced fluids. Direct involvement in designing any Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. Assist upper management with technical and economic analysis and appraisal of prospective oilfields. Prepare presentations by providing development plans and economic forecasts for various ongoing projects. Perform field wide Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring functions including Waterflood and Steamflood Optimization. Optimize lift performance to minimize fluid levels to maximize oil production. Monitor Asset Performance on over 300 producing wells based on Selected KPI’s and improve asset productivity. Monitor over 120 Water and Steam Injection wells, optimize injection and zonal conformance. Prepare AFEs and procedures for workover program 6. Carryout reservoir engineering functions including decline curve analysis, material balance, volumetric analysis, creating reserve profiles, pressure transient analysis etc. Monitor drilling and Completion results and prepare/ update type curves. These type curves are then used to run economic models. Plan field wide development including new well drilling, injection recompletions, well productivity workovers. Present technical findings and development plan to the technical team and the owners during Monthly meetings and the Quarterly Engineering Meetings. Prepare production forecasts, operating plans, expenditure forecasts and evaluate economic models for asset valuations and budget preparation. Other duties as assigned.

Provides mentoring to (but does not supervise) Production Engineers, Field Supervisors and summer interns to better understand the subsurface conditions in the oilfield.


M.S. Degree in Petroleum Engineering. 5 years experience as Reservoir or Production Engineer.

Experience and demonstrated proficiency as follows:

  • 5 years Oilfield Manager (OFM)
  • 5 years IHS Kingdom
  • 3 years PhdWin
  • 3 years Tableau
  • 3 years WebSCADA


24118 Round Mountain Rd., Bakersfield CA 93308