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Oil and Gas Extraction

Using both traditional and innovative methods of oil recovery, Macpherson maximizes production to meet California’s energy needs. With decades of experience in exploration, development, and production, our team of experts continues to find best practices and pioneer effective strategies for the industry.

Renewable Energy

Macpherson has been expanding and diversifying our energy portfolio to include renewable energy to play a larger role in California’s evolving energy landscape. Our journey began in the late 1980’s when Macpherson participated in a partnership to install cogeneration at one of its fields.

Leaders in Safety

Our employees and contractors are the spirit of Macpherson’s operations. We strive to maintain a safe work environment for all by making safety a cornerstone of our company culture. At Macpherson, every employee and contractor is empowered to be an advocate for safety.

A note from our CEO

Macpherson is more than just an energy company. We are a family of engineers, site supervisors, field workers, environmentalists and dedicated support staff who are working together every day to power our communities.

– Don Macpherson Jr.  |  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Extracting Fact is a special initiative that sheds light on key issues related to energy policy in California.


Homes powered


Pounds of wood waste repurposed


Employees hired locally

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