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SAFETY FIRST - Always and Everywhere

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Macpherson Energy has proudly maintained a safe and sound work environment for its employees and contractors, meeting and exceeding all safety and environmental regulations. Macpherson’s safety record is industry leading, having worked more than five years without a recordable injury.

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At Macpherson, we have fostered a work culture where every employee and contractor is empowered to be a safety advocate. We work with our employees and contractors at all levels to develop and improve safety programs.

To ensure we are maintaining advanced safety standards, we created a Contractor Safety Team to constantly assess our work environment. Our Contractor Safety Team, made of up Macpherson Health Safety and Environment (HSE) team members and contractors, meets regularly to share incidents, field information and industry HSE information, all with the goal of improving overall safety.

Macpherson’s Safety Expectations:

Our mission is simple – we strive to provide a safe environment for all who step onto a Macpherson Energy site. Macpherson’s Safety Expectations guide our daily operations so we can maintain our hard-earned safety record.


We work together to develop a site without incidents, making safety a priority and integral part of everything we do. Through every thoughtful interaction and decision, we make our sites safer.


Every day our employees lead by example. Safety is something we demonstrate to others, even when we don’t think someone is watching.


To continuously improve our safety standards, we maintain close and immediate communication with all team members so we are up-to-date near miss/close calls and reporting hazards on a day-to-day basis. Any incident is shared with all Macpherson employees to prevent injury or incident.

Safety is the driving force behind the work we do. Being an advocate for safety is a responsibility that every employee and contractor shares.


Macpherson recognizes the importance of being steward of the places we operate. We’re proud to operate in the Kern Valley, where our employees and families live. To ensure the families of Kern live in a safe environment, our focus on environmental compliance is a hallmark of the Macpherson Company.

As key players in California’s energy landscape, Macpherson participates in California’s Green House Gas Cap and Trade program, and we include offsets in our compliance program. Offsets represent a long-term investment for cleaner air for all Californians.

Compliance with environmental regulations is integrated in our daily operating procedures and requires the same from everyone working on our sites.

In addition to our comprehensive environmental regulations, Macpherson’s Mt. Poso Cogeneration plant is furthering our sustainability goals by utilizing bio fuel that would have been open field burned or sent to a landfill, and water from our oil field to create renewable electricity. You can learn more about our Mt. Poso operations here.